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Frank Darwin <fgdar74@aol.com> -- 11/01/05:

Wow! You guys are amazing, I love the CD, where did you come from and where did you go?

Claire Kelsey <sant6@hbox.com> -- 07/20/05 -- 13:56:21

Interesting site. Hi to Anand from Arindam here in Sweden welcome

Grace Narsu <syberw3@awebmail.org> -- 07/16/05 -- 17:02:32

Great Site! I really enjoyed it! Keep up the good work! .

Justin Carrington <ceiliog7@pyourbox.edu> -- 07/11/05 -- 18:03:40

Fantastic work definitley have a talent and make sure you make full use of it

bill <vendeur87@hotmail.com> -- 05/29/05 -- 12:03:54

Wow! Your website is wonderful and very interesting! You should be very proud of yourself and your writing. Good luck McGees! Best regards, Bill


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jeff sisk <joycesisk@aol.combrutal> -- 04/22/05 -- 17:46:18

very brutal.

robert -- 04/12/05 -- 05:48:49

love the girls and the game that you have for the girl i think there should more of that on the show and all the guy and real in joy

Jim <intern@howardsternshow.com> -- 03/31/05 -- 00:43:10

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Alex <fr_mcg@allmusiciannews.com> -- 03/16/05 -- 14:27:23

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Amanda <info@artistopia.com> -- 03/08/05 -- 21:14:32

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Fearless -- 01/27/05 -- 13:14:50

HI GUYS !! we are a REVELATION band from ubeda (spain) , we want to show you our music , go to the web page www.fearless-site.tk and download mp3 and videoclip , thank

Thom Yeoman, "The Alt-Country Kid <altcountrykid@hotmail.com> -- 01/04/05 -- 13:07:17

Have a look at my site too, www.altcountrykid.hippy.com

Bob <mountbobby@hotmail.com> -- 10/25/04 -- 06:17:19

Please visit our homepage - http://www.mountbobby.com to listen to some, we think anyway, great country rock. By the way - you're not too bad yourselves...

Country Music <kukuts@countrytime.com> -- 9/27/04 -- 03:37:19

Thanks it was a great web page. Love the tunes.

Alex <alexander5550@hotmail.com> -- 7/18/04 -- 21:04:35

God Bless. Keep up the good work

Rickie McGee <keep_in_real@hotmail.com> -- 6/18/04 -- 09:30:01

How funny - my last name is McGee, and hey here's this site.

eric <eric@welledit.com> -- 5/06/04 -- 21:00:34

post the chords with the lyrics so we can play along!

usman <usman887@hotmail.com> -- 4/22/04 -- 07:06:38


The Count <count@thecount.com> -- 7/17/03 -- 15:11:11

Yo, I really dig this site!!!

Antonio <bluedanger@libero.it> -- 7/17/03 -- 11:26:23

Hi I've visit your web site and I must say thati is very interesting becouse give sudden at the visitors a clear idea of you style!!! First of all excuse me for my english, but I'm italian and I can't speak english very well. In the scond complimenti for your web site, is very good structuring, and compliment for your band and your originality!! When you've spare time, can you visit my web site www.bluedanger.too.it Is very important for me to know what you think about it! Thanks Antonio Di Chiara

jax <jax@webtv.com> -- 4/21/03 -- 01:06:10

LOVE YOUR SITE - McGees all the way!

steve dornoff <dornoff6213> -- 4/17/03 -- 06:52:19

im looking for the redneck national anthem

Gula-man <sj.gula@worldnet.att.net> -- 3/02/03 -- 13:33:05

Dario- When will you guys be doing a remake of "Annie get your gun" and "Synchronicity II"? Some call me Doctor Love, others Gula-man.

guy man  <guymanidoncome@guymoney.net> -- 2/24/03 -- 05:41:11

i love you site, i don reach oh

Jeff Sindone <jsindone@medialink.com> -- 1/08/03 -- 01:16:24


Alejandro <hyamgallery@hotmail.com> -- 11/21/02 -- 20:33:04

Very interesting and valuable site!!!

Lori Smith <helplori@hotmail.com> -- 9/18/02 -- 14:24:44

Great music.Niffty site.

Georg <gr@tplus.at> -- 8/13/02 -- 06:48:42

hi to all music-lovers around the world from austria ! please feel free to visit www.race.at our austrian music-site and leave us a note...

Michael P. Nicolini <mpnic@optonline.net> -- 7/18/02 -- 19:52:37

I just downloaded "Catch Me".Nice job boys! Love all those high- pitched harmonies!Enjoy the Summer! M.N

Bob <mountbobby@hotmail.com> -- 7/18/02 -- 17:55:35

Please visit our homepage - http://www.mountbobby.com to listen to some, we think anyway, great country rock. By the way - you're not too bad yourselves...

Westchester Rocks <Westchester Rocks> -- 7/09/02 -- 16:03:33

Have you checked out Westchester Rocks yet? Showcasing the local rock bands of Westchester county and the Bronx, featuring gigs, news, pics,classified ads, message board, etc... Check out the McGees and Sky Blues on Westchester Rocks. Lauren -web mistress-
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kelly letford <yahoo@.com.uk> -- 4/28/02 -- 11:50:55

help me

clyde <clyde_200126259> -- 4/14/02 -- 15:04:23

hi i am a mcgee i am clyde mcgee how are you?

Joe Barber <blind_reaper67> -- 4/07/02 -- 19:28:46

Ashley is hott!

anonymous <tk167@aol.com> -- 3/27/02 -- 19:07:59

Who's that cute McGee in the middle and is he available?

Lena Nohrén <nohren@hotmail.com> -- 2/08/02 -- 07:37:57

Hi! My name is Lena and I am a female bassplayer in the Swedish countryband Western Satellites. I just wanna drop by and say hi! You can check us out on http://www.satellites.nu

Mcgees fan <pjif@netone.net> -- 11/07/01 -- 14:35:42

I hear the McGees play weddings?? is this true? if so, I want 'em

Patti Rothberg <Prothberg@earthlink.net> -- 10/05/01 -- 04:24:33

Great website, Your cd is a classic! I hope you're all doin alrite..I miss seeing Mcgees around. XO, Pmcgee

A -- 08/25/01 -- 18:36:41

This CD is an absolute must for parties or just hanging out. I loved it. Especially the first song "You and I" Keep going guys and when are you going to tour the UK?

Frank Pascal <fp1269@hotmail.com> -- 07/31/01 -- 15:50:43

Dude, you should get the CD, Rock Soldiers is awesome! (So's the rest too!)

Bryan Foster <bryanf747@hotmail.com> -- 07/31/01 -- 14:03:31

I ran into this funny redneck site again LOL. I can't find rock soilders, but I bet it's histarical! Bryan.

Sam <sammo38@hotmail.com> -- 07/11/01 -- 18:06:50


Bryce Mollus <bmollus@flyweb.uk> -- 06/07/01 -- 11:57:48

i finally found you guys, awesome cd and really great songs. do you ever play in the UK??

Bryan Foster <bryanf747@hotmail.com> -- 02/04/01 -- 18:09:06

What the hell is this site? Ace Frehley is the man. Hillbillys rule to because there funny!!!

Crazy Swede <mike@kissalivecollectibles.com> -- 02/03/01 -- 03:31:21

You Guys Rock!!! And I hope I´ll be able to see you strutt your stuff when where drinkin´ cold gin together. So come on, just let me go rock and roll. Yeeeahahhh!!!!!!!!

mason goldberg <mason.goldberg@wwfent.com> -- 01/30/01 -- 05:41:40

you guys rock..... from the clapping in the background to the vocals, great sound!

ryan martens <cummings330@yahoo.com> -- 01/22/01 -- 12:39:14

send me information on my e-mail about you guys.

nicole shipley <www.maryjane_1969@hotmail.com> -- 12/19/00 -- 07:33:17

this is cool

Bill McGee <bmcgee@ezrock.com> -- 12/19/00 -- 06:15:12

I really don't know what to say.

Karen and Harris <KSiplin@aol.com> -- 12/01/00 -- 19:11:26

We loved your CD! Looking forward to the next one.

Fred Ostrofsky <putercoder@hotmail.com> -- 12/01/00 -- 12:41:36

Great Work! What a surprise to get to know you then find out that your so talented too. Keep up the great work.

Jamie Cyms <aric1023@aol.com> -- 11/19/00 -- 19:07:04

Hey Skippy! Let's go to Chows!

Andrew Meranus <andrewm@screamingmedia.com> -- 11/19/00 -- 19:06:34

Love the site!! Can't wait to see you guys

Susan Zito <zitobe@att.net> -- 11/12/00 -- 07:27:33

Cool site!!

mini cousin <mcgees rock> -- 11/09/00 -- 08:13:48

Hey lefty wassssssssupppppppppp,

"Al" <alz@mindspring.com> -- 10/23/00 -- 21:31:07

Hey, all those positive comments! Cool album, nice sound, Excellent website! What's next? "Al McGee"

Greg Zeigerson <zigory@columbia.edu> -- 10/20/00 -- 17:00:45

The songs are sincere, they seem meant for actual blues, folk & country fans, but the back stories seem to sneer at the taste of the likely audience for the music. This is marketing? But in the end it's all entertaining and fun! Excellent musical craftsmanship on the CD! Your neighbor in the Deep South (of New York), Greg

ROB BENJAMiN <robenjamin@hotmail.com> -- 10/20/00 -- 11:11:55

THE MCGEES RULE - "rock Soldiers" is da BOMB Ya'll - Listen up - they got flavor and MAD SKILLZ. Country Rock at it's finest. If only I could get them to cover "UNTIL TOMORROW" by SKY BLUES.......

mini cousin <mcgees rock> -- 10/07/00 -- 11:15:41

you rock i'm saying that because your my cousins

rhonda and eva sturtz <nj-rhonda@phoenixdsl.com> -- 10/05/00 -- 19:52:11

we enjoyed it, catchy, good singalong stuff--somewhat like barenaked ladies. do you have a million dollars? xx

Allan and Almaz <ALKaplan@worldnet.att.net> -- 09/28/00 -- 16:43:35

Sounds great, great sounds. Going to order CD today. Let us know if live performances are forthcoming.

Steve Bloom <Steven_Bloom@thedigitaledge.com> -- 09/28/00 -- 13:13:01

Keep on Rockin. Hope things are going well. Bloom

Josh Butler <Jlbutler23@cs.com> -- 09/28/00 -- 05:06:05

Boys, glad to see that somebody remembers how to make great music. In a time of Limp Bizkat, Korn and all that other bullshit music.... you guys are a refreshing drink of water..... im getting myself a cd. all the best to you guys! josh butler

Marc Dixon <rab18@aol.com> -- 09/27/00 -- 20:12:38

Don't think your fooling anyone...your DC fans know, who's who! Great new sound guys, I listen to all of the cuts on the site. And will be making my one and only contribution to Amazon.com for the new CD. Cousin (I think?), you need to email your old friend down in the Nation's Capitol, who's been trying to get hold of you. Keep up the Folklore. Long Hail, The McGees!!!

Patti Rothberg <Prothberg@earthlink.net> -- 09/27/00 -- 18:56:07

You guys are TOO much!! I am so proud to be part of the Mcgee folklore, and I hope you sell many Mcgee items! Say, who does your website, as it is dazzling and groovy!? Luv Patti

Pancho's sister <tiansay@aol.com> -- 09/25/00 -- 11:59:12

This is absolutely the best CD I have ever heard in all my life and I am not biased in the slightest! You guys are the coolest dudes I know...
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